born in Iraq, living in Germany

I want to help all the people. I want, that all people are equal. I want, that there are no rich people and no poor people. The government is the main cause for the current situation. They don’t help the people, especially not the youth, they don’t give them a chance.

I am from Babylon. Babylon has such a long history. In ancient times, people developed so many things. But now, due to the government and the American army, everything disappeared and got destroyed. If you just supported the youth, they would do everything by themselves to develop the country. They have so much energy and so many ideas, but they don’t have a chance to do anything! When young people study and graduate from university – as engineers, as scientists, they study everything – they have no job, they have no chances, they cannot do anything. For example, I first studied mechanical engineering for one year, then I changed to biology, studied four years, specialized in environment and pollution, and then I didn’t get a job.

If I were president, I could maybe help, but I think this is impossible for me. However, I can work in my field, biology. I want to help people and nature. If I help nature, I can help people, because a clean nature helps the people. In Iraq, everything is polluted – the water, the air, the soil – because there is no specialist in this field. There is a ministry for pollution, but they don’t do anything except for taking their salary. The teachers and professors of my university had studied in Europe, America, the UK and Canada. They always told us that there is a lot of pollution in Iraq, but we can’t help because of politics. The government just wants to take the money. Iraq has so much oil and they are only concerned with taking the money, taking the oil and letting the people be hungry, sick and have them die. They don’t care. A lot of them have two passports and if anything happens, they just take their money and fly to another country.

If I could, I would first change the political system. I would appoint good people who would then do something good for other people. They would change everything.

I would appoint educated people, who are not too busy with money.

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