Knowledge is Power

Knowing how to make oneself heard and having the skills to convey one’s story effectively is central to being successful. That is why I share my knowledge, experience, and skills in workshops which combine participatory methods with media and social engagement. As a workshop facilitator, I assist participants in creating their own films, photographs, and stories. Apart from acquiring technical skills, they also reflect on their own positions in society, their role in leading positive social change, and the impact stories can have.

Intercultural Video Exchange

Together with Glocal Films and in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, I have facilitated video workshops for teenagers in Uganda, Kenya, Algeria and Hungary. In two video exchange projects, participants made films about environmental issues, traditions, culture and their daily lives, which were then used as basis for discussions with their exchange partners in other countries. While they learned how to make their own films, they also met environmental experts, activists and affected communities and reflected on their own positions in society, tradition and the world. View a selection of videos here.

Media Empowerment with Teenagers

Starting from the belief that every girl is a leader, this 4-month long bilingual workshop on digital media provided a space for 15 teenagers to find and develop their personal leadership qualities. We explored topics ranging from photography and video-making to blogging and safety on social media. The participants developed and produced a group exhibition and created their own blog about the process. The workshop was realized in collaboration with Mar de Colores, together with workshop facilitators Luiza Folegatti and Marcela Villanueva.

Telling Stories Through Photography

This photography workshop brought women of different backgrounds together and created a space to share their experiences, and find their own language to translate stories into images. The participants learned about photography techniques, discussed the work of women photographers from different parts of the world, and developed a personal project for a group exhibition. I facilitated this 8-week workshop together with Luiza Folegatti in collaboration with Encounter