A beautiful photo has the power of drawing attention and arousing curiosity about its background story. That is where photography can have an impact and that is why in my photographic practice I’m concerned with framing the beauty of everyday life to make it visible for people who would otherwise not pay attention to it. I regard the camera as a catalyst for connection, be it between the subject and me at the moment of taking the photo, or between the subject and you at the moment you behold it.

Same Same but Different (2013)

Solo exhibition in Belluno, Italy, presenting portraits from 9 different countries.

Place in Photo Collage (2018)

This collage research project explores place as geographic location, material form and meaningfulness.* Interviews and photographs were produced in rural Bavaria, Germany.

 *(Definition of place by Gieryn, T. (2000). A Space for Place in Sociology. Annual Review Of Sociology, 26(1), 463-496.)

Stories and Street Photography (2015)

In this interactive installation, visitors of the Means Art Festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, could create the background stories to portraits taken on the streets of Amsterdam.