Inas Welt

Ina’s World
Stories of a Journey around the World

In 2012, I set off on a round-the-world trip with my parents and younger sister. In one year, we crossed 20 countries in Southeast Asia, Oceania, South and Central America. I had countless adventures, collected impressions, learned from, lived and laughed with people and captured breath-taking moments with my camera. At the age of 19, just after returning to Germany, I decided to share with the world the beauty of the places I had seen and the stories I had encountered. So I wrote down stories, selected photographs, created a layout, talked to printing offices, registered a company, and realised my vision: a 72-page book that would take the reader on a journey around the world. 

Should you have any inquiries about Inas Welt or want to order a book*, please send me a message through the contact form.


* Language: German; Price: 12,95 € (plus postage)