born in Syria, living in Germany

If I could change something in this world, I would change the people. I would make the weak ones strong. If you are weak inside, I can do with you whatever I want. I can kill your family and you would not speak up. So, I would make you strong and nobody would do something bad to you. I can’t do a lot to realize that. But I can do one thing that might work. I could speak with you. That is true magic. With speaking, you can change people. That is the same reason why Europeans go to Syria to fight for IS. Why are they doing that? Magic! Someone just speaks a few words that go into your mind and you say, “Yes! I will go and fight!” And you will go and fight! And you will hurt yourself and you will die. This is magic.

Freedom in my opinion is not about being in jail or not. Real freedom is inside of you; it is a feeling. Freedom is that you can choose what you want and nobody can control you. Even if I am in prison, I can be free, because I have my own freedom. If you do anything, you cannot take my freedom.

Here in Germany, you have democracy. But they change your opinion with the media. They tell us that we can choose, but the make you choose. If I can choose between 100 Euro and one Euro, I will choose the 100 Euro of course. When we choose, they will make one option look like 100 Euro. So, I will choose that option. But you have to see the whole picture; maybe it’s counterfeit money.

So, Freedom is to choose what you want to believe. If you want to be happy, then don’t do what they do, but follow your heart. Then you will have your own freedom. Freedom is not, “I have money. I have power. I can buy whatever I want.” Freedom is inside of you.

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